Enagic ® Water

In The Garden

A Greener Garden

Gardening is an ideal activity for your health, your budget, and your environment. This timeless pastime offers a great way to connect with nature, burn calories, enjoy healthier and less expensive food, give life to the vegetation around you, and reduce the needless waste of resources associated with transporting produce, and flowers to your home.

Gardening with Enagic® provides even more benefits to your plants! Unlike tap and bottled water1 that may contain contaminants (things your plants obviously do not need), your Enagic® water ionizing machine will generate clean waters that you know are healthy for your soil, plants, and compost.

When you want to connect with Nature and enliven your garden with life-generating elements, you need the Enagic® Waters to keep your plants hydrated.

Gardening with Kangen Water®

Gardening with Enagic® Water is a great way to keep your plants and flowers healthy, enlivened, and lush. Just like your body needs clean, alkaline, and chlorine-free Kangen Water® for health, your plants also need the healthy water for optimal growth and nourishment. The water from your Enagic® machine can even revitalize weak plants, making them stronger and more vibrant than ever before! Enagic® Water stimulates germination and seedling development, leaving your plants in peak condition without the use of harmful chemicals.

Nourishing vegetables and flowers with Enagic® Water in your own garden means you can save money at the grocery store and florist, reduce (or eliminate) the amount of pesticides in your home, and even cut down on all the wasted resources associated with transporting plants, flowers, and produce across the globe. Lowering your carbon footprint has never been so rewarding! You can even use your fragrant flowers to make your own perfume.
Get back to basics, and discover how your Enagic® machine can help you grow a green, beautiful garden.

Here are some other helpful tips for a successful Kangen Garden:

  • Always plan ahead. Sketch your garden with pen and paper so you have a clear plan of where everything will be planted. Smaller plants should be in the front and bigger plants in the back.
  • Water your plants in the morning or late evening, when it is not too hot outside. In the winter, water your plants when the temperature is above 40 degrees with no snow cover.
  • Make sure to read the planting instructions of each of your plants so you know exactly how much Enagic® Water they need.
  • Plants need additional watering in windy climates, as the wind can dry out the earth and plants quickly.
  • If your soil could use a boost, use your own Kangen Compost. This homemade organic fertilizer will bring new life your soil and plants!

Gardening is a fun, sustainable, and environmentally responsible decision that will help sustain your family's overall wellness. You and your children have much to gain from greening your home with a garden. Find out how you can improve your life and surroundings by growing your very own Enagic® Garden!

Composting with Kangen Water®

Give Back to Nature: Compost

Composting is easy, natural, environmentally responsible, and it actually has a pleasant earth aroma when aerated properly. If you have never tried it before, you might be surprised at how simple and enjoyable composting can be. Most importantly, composting drastically reduces waste in our landfills.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that 72% of the municipal waste in landfills is organic and could be composted (wood, textiles/leather, yard debris, food scraps, and paper)

The benefits of composting go beyond reducing waste and decreasing hazardous methane gas produced by landfills1. Composting is quite functional as a soil amendment and can improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, which creates healthier and stronger plants in your garden1. Compost contains the three main plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), as well as healthy bacteria, yeast, and fungi that will help keep your plants strong and even prevent diseases. Recycling organic materials in a compost pile will help keep your plants and soil healthy, so you can take pride in your eco-conscious lifestyle that promotes a greener Earth.


Don't let lack of yard space keep you from composting! You can compost in your own home with vermicompost, which uses red wiggler worms to do the hard work for you. These helpful worms can be purchased at a bait shop or online worm farm. An indoor compost is convenient because you can store it in a lid-tight container in your pantry, allowing for quick, hassle-free food scrap dumping while you are cooking or cleaning up after a meal.

You will need scraps of shredded paper, red wiggle worms, garden soil, Enagic® Water (Slightly Acidic Water, Neutral Water, or Kangen Water®), and food scraps to get your vermicompost started. Red wiggler worms enjoy fruits, vegetables, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, and grains. Vermicomposting takes a little longer than a backyard compost - about 4 to 6 months. Meanwhile, outdoor composting only takes about 3 to 4 weeks to harvest a good batch. But vermicomposting is a great solution if you are limited to a small yard or don't enjoy trips to the outdoor compost in chilly weather.

Using Your Compost

Finished compost is 100% organic fertilizer, and it is exactly what your garden and indoor plants need to stay healthy (along with Kangen Water® of course)! Your Kangen Compost will help improve the quality, fertility, disease-prevention, and overall health of your soil. For your garden and outdoor plants, add compost as a soil fertilizer from spring to fall. For indoor plants, fill a spray bottle with Enagic® Water, and then add a couple tablespoons of Kangen Compost for an extra boost of nutrients.