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Greener Home

A green home means a home free of chemicals and other materials that are harsh on our Earth. Whether you're cleaning, laundering, or washing the dishes, you should be cautious of the products you use and their effect on your home and the environment.

In a perfect world, your cleaning products would be gentle and safe for everyday use, but still powerful on dirt, stains, and germs. Thanks to your multi-purpose Enagic machine, this IS possible!

You can make your own eco-friendly products that actually work! Learn how you can conveniently maintain a clean and green home with the power of Enagic. Get the most of Kangen Water®, and discover a chemical-free lifestyle today!

Greener Laundering

Chemical Cleaning

What ingredients are you using to clean your clothes? If you buy traditional laundry detergent, you may be introducing chemicals to your favorite fabrics. In fact, your laundry detergent may be the most poisonous product in your home!
The University of Washington found that top-selling laundry products contain at least one chemical regulated as toxic by the federal government, but they are not included on the label at all.

The Enagic® Solution

As a member of the Enagic® Lifestyle, you have access to healthy waters that can keep your home safely clean! Enagic® Kangen Water® is an excellent choice for keeping your favorite clothes laundered and well-kept. You can make your own laundry detergent with Kangen Water®, and have peace of mind that the clothes your family wears do not contain chemicals that your skin may absorb. Save money on expensive store-bought laundry detergent by using your own Enagic® water ionizing machine to generate healthy water, and choose between two of our favorite Kangen Water® Laundry Detergent Recipes.

Stubborn Stains

For tough and set-in stains, don't reach for more chemicals. With a touch of a button on your Enagic® machine, you can make a powerful stain remover with Strong Kangen Water that really works! Strong Kangen Water is gentle to the environment, but hard on stains. Whether you need help with coffee stains, oil stains, soy sauce, grease, or tough dirt stains, Strong Kangen Water is what you've been looking for - without the unnecessary chemicals and additives.

Green Cleaning

It is important to maintain a clean home to keep your family in excellent health. Unfortunately, many cleaning products on the market today add toxic, unnatural ingredients that are harmful to the environment and may even have negative effects on your body1. Even some products boasting "all-natural" ingredients contain harmful chemicals that are unregulated by the government.

If you're seeking green safe cleaning products for the general well-being of your family and the environment, your Enagic® water ionizing machine is the perfect place to start! You can make your own household cleaning products that will not pose risks to your family. Discover the Enagic® advantage, and enjoy a chemical-free home.


The kitchen is a petri dish of germs, with more bacteria than even your bathroom! With so many pathogens lurking about your countertops, cutting boards, sponges, and dish rags, you need Enagic® to help you maintain a safe, clean kitchen.

Window Cleaning

When you open the window shades to let the natural sunlight shine through your home, the last sights you want to see are dust build-up or streaks left behind from a window cleaner. How can you achieve crystal clear windows without the use of chemicals? Strong Kangen Water, along with a few other basic and natural household ingredients!

The Rest of Your Home and Beyond

(car, garage, office space, etc)
Your Enagic® water machine will produce as much water as you need to fight germs before they become a health risk. All you need is a little preparation to make sure your spray bottles are well labeled and situated, and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to maintain a green and clean household!

There's no reason to use chemicals to clean when you have an Enagic® machine! Appreciate your clean and safe home, and enjoy the greener life.

Greener Dishes

The Great Dish Debate

There is vigorous debate about whether hand-washing is more energy efficient than eco-friendly dishwashers. We've done a little research, and were surprised to learn that, according to scientific research done at the University of Bonn in Germany, dishwashers are actually more environmentally friendly than conservatively hand washing your dirty dishes.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your dishwasher:

  • Make sure you're using an Energy Star dishwasher. Older machines used about 10 gallons of water, but the energy efficient models only use about 4 gallons.
  • Don't rinse the dishes before loading them. Newer models are all capable of cleaning un-rinsed dishes, and you'll conserve a lot of water.
  • Only run the dishwasher when it is completely full.
  • Set the dishwasher to the lowest setting possible.
  • Run the dishwasher at night when there is a surplus of energy in the house.
  • Avoid the Heated Dry setting. You can open the door and let the dishes air-dry, which will save a lot of energy.

The Detergent Dilemma

To maintain a green kitchen, you may want to inspect your dishwasher detergent label. Most dishwasher detergents include phosphates that have been known to pollute water sources and increase algae growth to the detriment of aquatic wildlife. Traditional detergents may also be comprised of chlorine, synthetic fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals, and so on.

Washing with Strong Kangen Water

If you do not own a dishwasher, or just prefer to wash your dishes the old fashioned way, Strong Kangen Water can help! Strong Kangen Water is a powerful cleaner, with extra strength and absorption qualities to help fight tough grease and grime from your dishes.
Strong Kangen Water can help you save on your water bill. It takes a quarter of the usual amount of water to rinse off Strong Kangen Water, as opposed to chemical detergents. For a trustworthy recipe for Kangen Water® Dish Soap.
You can make your dishes greener and cleaner by turning to Kangen Water®. Think Clean, Think Kangen!